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Luxury Cruise Ship

Dress Code

Sail in style with our cruise attire guide: Daily dress codes from casual to formal, tips for men and women, and what to expect on your voyage.

During daytime hours on the ship, the attire is comfortably casual. Feel free to wear shorts and a presentable T-shirt, even when dining. For evening meals, the dress code shifts daily and can be categorized as follows:

  • Casual Evenings: Men can opt for trousers with a sports shirt, while women may choose trousers with a blouse, a casual dress, or a pantsuit.

  • Semi-Formal Nights: Men might wear a blazer, optionally paired with a tie. Women can select from stylish dresses or elegant pantsuits.

  • Gala Nights: Men are encouraged to don a dark business suit or a tuxedo, and women can dazzle in an evening gown or a sophisticated cocktail dress.

The frequency of formal nights generally aligns with the cruise duration. For instance, on a 3- to 4-night cruise, expect one formal evening, while a 7-night voyage typically includes two. For cruises extending to 10 nights or more, anticipate three or more such occasions. On longer, more upscale cruises, the evenings tend to be more formal, yet a well-tailored dark suit with a tie will suffice even on the most luxurious liners.

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